My name is Kailin Miner and I'm new to the leatherworking trade. I'll be sharing my story of how I started, lessons learned and selling my new handmade products. This website, blog and shop will be a place where I live, laugh and love leatherworking. 

My Story

A few years ago my best friend, Liz and I, went to your standard craft store and purchased two Tandy Leather "Starter Kits". We were bored and thought it would be a fun afternoon project. What neither of us knew was how much we'd love it and how far we'd both go with it! 

Just like with most things, our first projects didn't exactly look like the professionals, but we kept going and became addicted. From tooling, to stamping, to stitching, our hobby has grown into our passion. We both still have full time jobs in marketing and banking, although, leatherwork is definitely the dream job.